Top Three Summer Car Services to Keep Your Vehicle Running Cool in Peoria, IL!

Summers here in Peoria, IL can be sizzling hot, and now that summer is finally upon us, now's the time to think about having your vehicle tuned up to ensure you're cool and comfortable behind the wheel this summer. Here at Green Chevrolet, we offer a number of services to make sure that your vehicle is both cool inside and under the hood. From oil changes, AC tune ups, and coolant flushes, we can quickly and conveniently give your Chevrolet vehicle the attention is needs to perform at the highest level this summer!

  • Oil Changes: Having your oil changed during the summer is one of the best times of the year to have it done. The grueling summer heat can affect your motor oil, while the increase of dust and debris on the road can also cause your oil to gunk up. We offer quick and easy oil changes in Peoria, allowing you to get your vehicle the attention it deserves and avoid potential overheating this summer.
  • Coolant Flush: Coolant flushes, much like oil changes, are increasingly more important during this time of year. Your vehicle's coolant makes sure that your radiator, and therefore engine, doesn't overheat. Whether you have too little coolant in your tank or the coolant in it is dirty and old, we can get your coolant changed in a flash and ensure that your vehicle stays cool all summer long.
  • AC Tune Up: If your vehicle needs an AC tune up, you probably are aware by now since you likely will be rolling down all of the windows before even stepping foot in your vehicle. We can get your air filter changed and service your AC system to get it working like new and blowing air as cold as an Illinois winter night!

If you want to enjoy a cool and comfortable experience behind the wheel of your vehicle this summer we encourage you to schedule a servicing here at Green Chevrolet and our team of Chevy technicians will give your vehicle the attention it needs and have it back to you in no time! Our Chevy dealership is located in Peoria, IL, near Pekin, Morton, East Peoria, and Washington, IL!

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