Picking a small car to buy near Morton and Washington IL can be quite the task with so many manufacturers offering competitive options in the segment. A winning model has something fresh to offer. That's exactly what the 2018 Cruze has under its hood. Chevy offers its compact car with a powertrain option few in the segment have: a turbo diesel engine.

So, what's different about a diesel engine compared to a conventional gasoline engine? For starters, the fuel. Diesel engines are aptly named after their life blood -- diesel fuel. They also have key mechanical differences in fuel injection, ignition, and more. The result? A boost in torque numbers and often impressive efficiency.

The 2018 Cruze comes with an available 1.6-liter Turbo Diesel engine with some considerable specs. It's perfect for road trips and commuting near East Peoria with up to 52 mpg highway and a range of 702 miles. It has plenty of punch as well, offering up a beefy 240 pound-feet of torque. That torque comes on early for spirited acceleration and fun driving.

You can pick up your diesel Cruze with all of the great features available, from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to heated seats and more. Come see us today near Peoria serving Pekin for a new modeltest drive and find out the difference diesel can make.

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