We at Green Chevrolet, located in Peoria, just a short drive from Pekin, are eager to highlight all that the Chevrolet Trax has to offer technology wise. This great vehicle is a one of a kind small SUV, allowing for city driving and parking without compromising space. That's not the only thing the Trax doesn't compromise on. The Trax boasts incredible technology to get you through every drive and leave you endlessly connected.

Smartphone Connectivity

With the Chevrolet Trax, you'll always enjoy smartphone connectivity. Take your music wherever you want to go with the Trax. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are fully connectable to ensure that you can access your music, apps, phone calls and navigation, all hands free. The Chevrolet Trax also boasts Bluetooth capability to ensure that you can talk and listen to music handsfree. With all of these great connectivity options, you'll be sure to enjoy every ride in your Chevrolet Trax.

Safety Through Technology

Not only does the Chevrolet Trax provide the most when it comes to entertainment, it also provides when it comes to having a safe and secure drive. The Chevrolet Trax offers Morton and Washington residents several different available safety features that will ensure a safer experience. Check out some of these great safety features below:

  • Forward Collison Alert: This feature can alert you when a front-end collision is going to happen.
  • Side Blind Zone Alert: This feature warns of vehicle passing through your blind spot.
  • Lane Departure Warning: This tool warns when you may be drifiting out of your lane unintentionally.

We at Green Chevrolet, are very excited about the great safety features that the Chevrolet Trax offers. We know you'll experience peace of mind with every drive when you check out the Chevrolet Trax.

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