A Chevy With Butterfly Doors?

What Exactly Are They, & How Do You Get One?

There are a lot of great options in our new Chevy model inventory for sale at our Chevy dealership in Peoria. Among them, you have plenty of variety, from trucks and cars to SUVs and legendary performance vehicles. Still, something may be missing from your everyday drive, and if you're looking to find something unconventional, we may have some ideas.

While mass-produced Chevy cars with butterfly doors have yet to be brought into reality, but that doesn't mean you can't make it happen for yourself. A Chevy Corvette with butterfly doors may not be that far out of your reach, especially if you speak with our team about how we can order the right parts for you. We can even steer you in the right direction to assist you in locating what you need if you're the DIY type.

When you have new car financing questions, or you want to discuss customizing your Corvette, reach out to our team, and we'll help you get started. Perhaps that dream of driving a custom performance car with unique doors isn't so far out of your reach. Contact us today to learn more.