How Does the Chevy Volt Work?

Learn What Makes It Tick

Here at our Chevy dealership in Peoria, there are plenty of options available in our new Chevy model inventory. These models create an atmosphere for every driver to enjoy, no matter where the road of life takes you. If you've been shopping for a sustainable option, look no further than the new Chevy Volt. This is a plug-in hybrid that delivers great range, the latest features, and premium interior comforts. Still, it's no secret that drivers want to know how this model works.

The Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid uses a battery-electric engine that propels the car until it reaches a predetermined threshold from a full charge. When this happens, the internal combustion engine, the kind in other, non-hybrid cars, takes over. This powers an electric generator that extends the range of the Volt, making it possible for you to get to where you're going without worry.

Finding a Chevy Volt to help you make the most of your money at the gas pump while saving the environment any extra emissions, is easy. Contact our team to discuss how you can find the right Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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