When it comes to finding a vehicle with the ultimate blend of capability and utility, nothing beats a tried and true truck. And in the world of pickups, Chevy is among the best. Chevy trucks, like the legendary Silverado 1500, are renowned for delivering robust towing and hauling capabilities, advanced technologies, and leading dependability.

When selecting your next Chevy truck, you'll need to decide which size cab is best for your needs. Here's a quick look at the three primary cab sizes and their defining characteristics.

Regular Cab

Regular Cab models have two doors and are meant to accommodate two people, although three can ride when necessary. This could be inconvenient if you need more seating capacity, but the lower price point could open room in your budget for adding extra features.

Smaller passenger accommodation means more room for tools and equipment, making them a great choice for work or fleet trucks. Plus, a Regular Cab is the only configuration that provides the option of an 8-foot long bed.

Double Cab

On many Chevy trucks, an extended cab is known as a Double Cab. Double Cabs come standard with a 6.5-inch regular bed and much more cabin space than a regular cab. A Double Cab has four doors (two full-size front doors, two half-size rear doors) and two rows of seating for up to five people—or six if you opt for a front bench seat.

Double Cabs aren't as long as Crew Cabs, which could make them slightly easier to maneuver. Double Cab and Crew Cab models have the same passenger space in the front, but rear-seat accommodations are a little smaller.

Even if you don't have passengers to transport, a Double Cab is a great way to add interior cargo capacity. In many models, the rear seat bottoms flip for extra vertical space.

Crew Cab

With four full-size doors and seating for up to six passengers, Crew Cab is the largest cabin configuration. Crew cab models are available with a 6.5-foot standard bed or a 5-foot-10-inch short bed.

The most notable selling point of a Crew Cab model is its vast interior. Front passenger accommodations are similar to the Double Cab, but Crew Cab models offer about 8-inches more rear legroom. While trucks aren't typically the first vehicles that come to mind when considering family vehicles, Chevy Crew Cab models are great for families.

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