Trucks are always popular in Peoria and anywhere you go across this country. For work or play, pickups have you covered. Here at Green Chevrolet, you're going to find plenty of Chevy trucks here and our team is always happy to give you the details.

Our truck lineup has a multitude of different choices as you can find options like the mid-size Chevy Colorado, and the entire Chevy Silverado lineup with the Silverado 1500 being popular, as well as the Silverado 2500 HD for those seeking out a heavy duty choice. We have them in multiple colors, trim levels, cabin and bed sizes so you can find your ideal fit and get the right truck for all your needs.

Each one has its own unique features as there's different capability levels for towing and payload, and of course size differences. Our team is here to guide you through them all, and present you with new Chevy promotions which allows you to find standout purchase and lease terms on Chevy trucks. We're here to discuss what kind of terms you can find for a lease, or if you choose to purchase your auto loan options, and the different rates we can provide for you. With these incentives and specials you can find savings or standout terms, and get behind the wheel of a new Chevy truck in no time!

To get started, contact us here at Green Chevrolet in Peoria, IL and we can start talking about Chevy trucks with you soon!

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