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Stay Safe and Save Time: Buy a New Chevy Online near Peoria, IL

At Green Chevrolet, we're always looking for ways to better meet our customers' needs, whether it's offering flexible financing solutions or providing alternatives to the in-person shopping process. While our showroom remains open, we have also overhauled our website to make the car buying process much more convenient. With our online tools and resources, it is now possible to complete most or all of the car-buying process from the comfort of home. Just look for the digital retailing tools at the bottom of any vehicle listing page.

  • Research and Compare: Our extensive online inventory...
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Green's Goods Program: Buy a New Chevrolet and Get Discounted Maintenance and Other Perks for the Life of Your Vehicle

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At Green Chevrolet in Peoria, we strive to be more than just a destination for the latest Chevy cars, trucks, and SUVs. We want your new Chevy vehicle to deliver many miles of dependable and enjoyable driving while saving you money at the same time. With this in mind, we developed the Green's Goods Program, which provides exclusive discounts and special offers to Green Chevrolet Customers.

What is the Green's Goods Program

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Chevy vehicle running at its best for as long as possible. The Green's Goods Program makes it easier…

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Poor Credit Financing Options for Drivers in Peoria, IL

If you're in the market for a new vehicle in Peoria, IL, don't let bad credit affect your decision to buy. Here at Green Chevrolet, we welcome all customers to our facility regardless of what their financial history looks like. Not everyone has perfect credit, and we understand it can be difficult to stay on top of all your expenses. So to help you secure your next vehicle, our finance team is prepared to work alongside you and your budget. If you've had trouble financing a new vehicle in the past because of bad credit, let the…

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How Does the Chevy Volt Work?

Learn What Makes It Tick

Here at our Chevy dealership in Peoria, there are plenty of options available in our new Chevy model inventory. These models create an atmosphere for every driver to enjoy, no matter where the road of life takes you. If you've been shopping for a sustainable option, look no further than the new Chevy Volt. This is a plug-in hybrid that delivers great range, the latest features, and premium interior comforts. Still, it's no secret that drivers want to know how this model works.

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Which Chevy Trucks Offer VYU?

And What is VYU?

Trucks that can handle plowing can be few and far between for other brands, but with Chevy trucks, you can find enough options to get you through the winter without stress. Our team here at our Peoria Chevy dealership knows the benefit of having a great plow truck and finding the right one for your side business or personal use is key to a successful winter.

If you're ready to discuss fitting your Chevy truck with a snowplow, contact us today to discuss what models we currently have available that fit the specs needed for…

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Chevrolet Lease Near Washington

Are you a Washington driver looking to lease a new Chevrolet? Maybe you're looking for a Chevrolet Malibu to get around town. Maybe you're looking for a Chevrolet Silverado you can proudly bring to the job site. Maybe you want a Chevrolet Camaro you can take to the racetrack. Whatever kind of Chevrolet you're interested in, we'll help set you up with a Chevrolet lease.

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Buy a Car With Bad Credit at Green Chevrolet in Peoria


Here at Green Chevrolet, we know how much a car is vital to just about everyone's life here in Peoria. You need it to get to work, appointments, to and from school, home, and travel throughout the area. That's why we believe that your credit shouldn't impact your ability to get a quality vehicle. At our dealership, we work with those who have bad credit to help them find the right vehicle loan and set of wheels they need!


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Can I get a Car Loan if I have Bad Credit?

If your credit score is not where you want it to be, but you need to finance a vehicle, fear not! Having a bad credit score doesn’t mean that there is no chance for you to finance a car, it just means that there is some work to do.

A Bad Credit Score is NOT a Death Sentence: Car loans involve less money than a home loan and banks recognize this. They also know that a car is much easier to repossess than a home. A credit score that doesn’t land you an ideal home loan, may actually…

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