Sell Your Car Locally at Green Chevrolet in Peoria, Illinois!


Why Sell Your Vehicle to Green Chevrolet?

Top Dollar: The latest and greatest software allows us to be able to research today's vehicle's worth and what others are paying for it. Our goal is to exceed the market value by seeing your vehicle's true worth.
Speedy Process: We understand how valuable your time is, which is why our process takes no more than 15 minutes!


Green Chevrolet

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Free Report: We will provide you with a free Auto Check vehicle history report.
Pay off? Not a Problem: You don't have to trade in your vehicle in order to sell it to us, we'll appraise and buy it from you within minutes of your arrival!
No Regrets: All of our offers are good for up to 30 days. We will give you a mileage and wear tolerance with our appraisal. Obviously, it cannot come in with body repairs after the appraisal. You can go home and sleep on it, and if you decide it's the right option for you, our original offer will still stand!

Car Selling/Buying FAQs

FAQ: What if I owe money on my old car or I'm in a lease?

The answer:No problem! Every vehicle, whether it's being leased or has money left to payoff on it, have both a value and a payoff amount. We value your vehicle's worth, and determine whether there is equity in it, and if there is we will send the bank a check for the payoff amount and another check for the equity, allowing you to drive home in your new dream vehicle with no hassle! If there is negative equity on your vehicle, we'll allow you to make up the difference in a convenient and customizable pricing option.

FAQ: How old is too old?

The answer: It doesn't matter how old your vehicle is, if it has value, we'll buy it from you for top dollar! We want to make the car shopping process is as easy as possible on you, which includes trading in your current vehicle with no hassle, no matter how old it is. We use the latest and greatest appraisal tools available to ensure that you're getting the top dollar amount for your vehicle, whether it's from 2015 or 1915.

FAQ: What kind of cars will you buy?

The answer:
We don't just buy cars, we buy cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, and anything else with an engine and wheels at our Peoria car dealership. We pride ourselves on our ability to find value in most anything, so no matter what kind of vehicle you have, we welcome you to bring it into us either to put the valued amount towards your next vehicle, or to quickly and conveniently make some extra cash.

Upgrade from your current vehicle, or if you're just looking to get rid of it, we will buy it outright! Here at Green Chevrolet serving Pekin and Morton we buy all types of used vehicles, regardless of the make and model. We use the latest tools to research your vehicle, to ensure that we pay you top dollar for it, either in trade in value, or with a check written on the spot! We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find a private buyer, and often times you end up selling your vehicle for less than it's actually worth. Avoid the hassle and confusion that can come with selling your vehicle on your own, and let our expert staff buy it from you in the most convenient fashion possible.
Visit Us at Green Chevrolet to Find Out How Much Your Vehicle is Worth Today!

We welcome you to visit us here at Green Chevrolet for a fast and convenient appraisal on your current vehicle. Whether you're interested in trading it in to put the value towards your next vehicle, or just want to sell it to us straight up, we will give you top dollar for your vehicle! Our dealership is located in Peoria, Illinois and serves drivers from all over Pekin, Morton, Washington, IL, & East Peoria.