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  • Anthony Ficociello

    My nickname from Highschool was "Fic". I was born in Indiana but raised near Boston, which explains why I say a few words differently that people born and raised in the Mid-west. 

    I have been in the car business 26 years, over half of my life, so it is really all I know. I love a challenge on almost any topic. I want to retire someday to a little beach somewhere in the world where I can play my guitar and harmonica all day, but for now I could be OK to take a dream vacation of 3 years in Fiji. I am anxious for my boys to grow up and watch them become men, but on the other hand I want my three girls to stay little forever. 

    Some interesting facts about myself:
    -I was very lucky to have been an bone marrow donor & I actively participate in educating people about donating.
    -I don't feel I am bald yet but I have grown through my hair.
    -I hope one day to publish a book or ten and become a well known author.
    -I have played in a couple of blues bands.

    I love working out, reading, driving, playing music, and riding a motorcycle. My favorite quote is from Abe Lincoln to Ulysses S Grant during the Civil War - "Hold on with a bulldog grip and chew and choke as much as possible." Four years ago I became a Pescatarian. so my favorite food is anything with fish!

  • David Alex
    Finance Manager

    For 28 years I've worked at Green Chevrolet of Peoria, IL. Being originally from Michigan, I still remember my first meal in Central Illinois was a big juicy steak from Alexanders. 

    My entire family is in the car business. I graduated from Northwood University with my focus on Marketing, Management, and Automotive Marketing. 
    In my free time I play racket ball and I try to spend as much time as I can with my son & daughter. 
    In the future, I'd like to travel to Madrid to visit some of my family as well. 
    One of my favorite movies is Steve Martin's The Jerk. 

  • Doug McIntire
    Finance Manager

    As a Peoria native, I've worked for Green Chevrolet for over 21 years. 

    In my free time I enjoy landscaping, working on projects outside, woodworking, and spending time with my kids and wife. In the evenings I run 4-5 miles with my Weimaraner. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying a good home-cooked meal of steak and potatoes. 

    The Great Wall of China is on my list of places I'd like to visit. The architectural elements and historical significance interest me greatly. 

  • Rod Hart
    Collision Center And Service Department Director

    Growing up, and even now, I've amassed a few nicknames over the years: Rocket, Hitman Hart, and Boom Boom to name a few. I've been in the Auto Industry for 27 years and with Green Chevrolet for 14 years. Wyoming, Illinois is my hometown. I consider myself very much a lovable family man, enjoying time with my wife, five children and 9 grand children. 

    During the nice weather months you can find me out on the golf course or working on a landscaping project in my yard. For quite some time I've avidly followed James Patterson's Alex Cross series. Also, if there's a new movie with Anthony Hopkins or Sean Connery, you can bet I've got my ticket purchased. My dream vacation is to head to Hawaii for a few rounds of golf and to try cliff diving. 

    You may not know this about me but I have been known to belt out a few tunes at weddings. One of my favorite quotes of all time came from the movie Remember the Titans- "Attitude reflects leadership." And I wont ever turn down Alexander's Teriyaki Filet with a loaded baked potato and mushrooms. 

  • Damian Gesell
    Service Advisor: Red Team

  • Brandon Kohtz
    Service Advisor: Gold Team

  • Tim Schloz
    Parts Manager

  • Denny Baker
    Detail Center Manager

    Peoria, Illinois has been my home for my entire life. I'm raising my three boys here and couldn't imagine a better life than watching them grow into great adults. I'm a pretty easy going kind of guy that loves to have lots of fun. My double jointed arms are a great party trick. 

    Since the tender age of 8 I've been riding motorcycles. A great deal of my summer is spent riding around. And one of these summers I'm going to make the trek to Ireland (by plane, not motorcycle, of course!) to visit the land of my heritage. 

    Unlike the rest of my family, I'm not talented with musical instruments but that doesn't deter me from my incredible love of music. I listen to just about everything!

  • Eric Grebner
    New Vehicle Manager

  • Donavan Hamilton
    Service Advisor

  • Todd Buckingham
    Body Shop Manager

  • Russ Hines
    Shop Manager

  • Brighton Vangllisasi
    Sales Representative

  • John Jazberg
    Sales Representative

  • Trent Hamerlink
    Sales Person

    Background in finance. Expertise in heavy duty trucks and trailers.