5 Helpful tips to get the most out of Onstar®

Getting the most out of your new OnStar subscription means following a few simple tips. Here are five things every new OnStar subscriber should do.

    1. Sign up for OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics. Onstar automatically runs hundreds of diagnostic and maintenance checks on your vehicle's key operating systems and delivers a summary report right to your email inbox every month. Just press your blue OnStar button or visit onstar.com to sign up.

    2. Put the OnStar phone number (1.888.4.ONSTAR) in your cell phone and place the phone number sticker in your car window. That way, you'll always be prepared if you should lock your keys in your car or need assistance when you're not inside your car. If you need a window sticker, just press the blue OnStar button or visit onstar.com to request one.

    3. Update your in-case-of-emergency (ICE) information with OnStar. This includes information like your license plate number, insurance information, contact person, and any medical information that could be of assistance in an emergency. You can update this information anytime at onstarrenewal.com

    4. Push the button, anytime. There is no additional cost -- no matter how often you talk to us, even if you just want to ask a question or say hello. During an emergency, push the red button and you'll be immediately connected with a specially trained Advisor who can direct help to your exact location. Push the blue button for everything from roadside assistance to directions to On-Demand Diagnostics. And push the Hands-Free Calling button to stay connected wherever you go.

    5. Download the OnStar Mobile App. The Mobile App lets you review your vehicle data, check fuel tank levels and estimated MPG range, start your car remotely, lock and unlock your doors, flash the lights, honk the horn, and check your tire pressure. And it's free.

OnStar Hands-Free Calling Techniques

Making an OnStar Hands-Free* call couldn't be easier. All you do is press the white phone icon button and once you hear "OnStar ready," you can begin. Here are a few handy tips and voice commands you can use to make your Hands-Free Calling experience effortless. For example, did you know:

  • You can say "dial" or "dial number" and then the entire phone number without pausing. The system will repeat the numbers before dialing, and if they are incorrect, just say "clear" to start over.
  • You can store phone numbers - giving each number a name tag - for speed dialing. Just give the command "store" and the name of the person or place after saying the number you want dialed. 
  • To speed dial a number you've stored with a name tag, just say "call (name tag)."
  • To hear a list of all your stored name tags, say "directory."
  • You can delete a name tag by simply saying "delete (name tag)."
  • To dial the last number called, say "redial."
  • To hear your vehicle's phone number, just say "my number."
  • To check how many Hands-Free minutes you have left, say "minutes."
  • If you had an OnSTar advisor download a phone number to your vehicle, and you want it dialed, say "Advisor playback."
  • If you're not sure which command to use, just say "help."

*OnStar Hands-Free Calling requires a Hands-Free Calling enabled vehicle, existing OnStar service contract and prepaid minutes. Not available in certain markets. Calls may be made to the US and Canada only.
Turn-By-Turn Commands 

When speaking commands
When you push the Hands-Free Calling/Voice Command button, the voice recognition system is activated and will respond with "OnStar ready." The system switches to a listen mode and waits for you to speak a command. While the system is in the listen mode, other noises inside and outside your vehicle can affect the voice recognition system. When speaking commands:
  • Make sure no one else is talking.
  • Be sure that the windows are up and that your fan speed is on low.
  • Voice recognition works best from the driver's seat position. If passengers speak commands they may not be recognized.
Navigation Commands
Once you push the Hands-Free Calling/Voice Command button and you hear the "OnStar ready" response, you can use one of these Turn-By-Turn Navigation commands:
  • "Route preview," to hear all the maneuvers. All maneuvers will play in sets of three.
  • "Repeat," to hear the last maneuver given.
  • "Get My Destination," to find the distance to the destination and the next maneuver to be made.
  • "Mute directions," to mute and un-mute the directions. Note: If you have the directions muted and the system recognizes that you missed a turn or your vehicle has deviated from the planned route, the message "You have left the planned route" will play and the system will automatically unmute.
  • "Update route," to recalculate directions.
  • "Cancel route," to cancel the current route.
  • "Go back," to go back to the previous step.
  • "Help," to play all voice commands. Push the Hands-Free Calling/Voice Command button to stop the play of the voice commands.
Using stored routes and name tags
  • "Store route destination," to store the current destination. The system will ask for a name tag to store a destination for later use. Up to 10 route destinations can be stored.
  • "Plan route," to obtain directions for a stored route. The system will ask for the assigned name tag for the stored route. 
  • "Route destination directory," to hear all of the stored route destination name tags.
  • "Delete route destination," to delete a specific stored route.
  • "Delete all name tags," to delete every name tag stored, including Hands-Free Calling name tags.
Making a wrong turn or a stop during a planned route
An announcement will tel you "You have left the planned route. Directions will resume automatically when you return to the route. Do you need updated directions?"
  • Say "No," if the stop or change is temporary.
  • Say "Yes," if you've missed a turn, and the system will recalculate your route.
  • Say "Cancel route," if you don't need the directions after all.
Arriving at your destination
An announcement like "Your destination is ahead" or 4567 Green Road is on your right" will be given and the directions will automatically end. Occasionally, the exact destination address will not be reached and the driving directions will continue when the vehicle leaves the destination.
  • Push the Hands-Free Calling/Voice Command button and say "Cancel route" and end Turn-By-Turn directions.
Using eNav
eNav* lets you plan your route ahead of time on Mapquest.com and send it to your vehicle with one click. Store up to fave destinations, and retrieve them from your vehicle whenever you want and get up-to-the-minute Turn-by-Turn directions.
  • Once you have reached your first destination, you can retrieve your next destination by pressing the Hands-Free Calling/Voice Command button and saying "Virtual Advisor," then follow the prompts.
  • To remove a destination downloaded to your vehicle, push your Hands-Free Calling button and say "cancel route."
  • If eNav is temporarily unavailable, push your blue button to request a route. Turn-by-Turn Navigation is included with a Directions & Connections plan subscription, and OnStar Advisors are always available for you. 
Using OnStar RemoteLink Mobile app
OnStar RemoteLink Location Search:
  • You can find a location by selecting a contact from your address book, by text or by your own voice, then send the directions directly to your vehicle's OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation system or vehicle navigation screen.
RemoteLink Locate Your Contacts:
  • Press the phone book in the navigation search bar and search through the personal contacts stored on your phone. Touch the one you want and send the directions to your vehicle.
When you're done
After every voice command, the system returns to the main voice menu by saying, "OnStar ready" and giving the talk-tone and waits for another command.
  • To exit the system, say "Goodbye."
Save Money
  • Choose an annual Onstar subscription and save vs. the monthly subscription price.
  • Switch from a monthly to an annual subscription by calling 1.888.377.0637 or pushing your blue OnStar button, or visit onstar.com
*Requires ABS and Directions & Connections plan. Visit onstar.com for coverage map. Services vary by model.
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