Are you protecting your vehicle's appearance?
Now more than ever before, the vehicles we drive say a great deal about who we are and what we like. A good-looking vehicle is a reflection of our personality. However, as time passes, the environment in the Pekin, Morton, Washington IL & East Peoria area can take its toll on the appearance of our vehicles. Protect yourself and your new Chevrolet by purchasing The Green Chevrolet Environmental Protection Program.
Eventually you will sell or trade in the vehicle you have just purchased. Industry experts agree that a like-new appearance can mean an additional $500 to $1,500 in trade-in allowances. Lease customers are usually responsible for restoring the like-new appearance of their vehicle, which could mean charges of at least $500 at the end of their leases. Simply put, a major portion of a vehicles value is determined by its appearance. Consequently, a small investment now in perserving the beauty of your vehicle will minimize your turn-in costs and maximize your trade-in value.


Paint Protection

Your vehicle's paint is a technological marvel. Vehicle manufacturers do no guarantee the exterior's like-new appearance beyond the new car warranty. Acid rain, industrial fallout, harsh chemical products and weathering can dull and eventually destroy the finish that you admire today. When your dealer applies Detailer's Paint Sealant, you will receive the following benefits:

PROTECTION: This long lasting polymeric coating enhances the shine of your vehicle's paint and shields it from environmental hazards. Your vehicle's glossy finish will resist fading, chalking and oxidation.

WARRANTY: Unlike manufacturers' warranties, Green Chevrolet's exterior warranty will protect your new vehicle's (under 15,000 miles) appearance for five years (three years on pre-owned vehicles 2001-2012) without mileage restrictions.

VALUE: New-looking, pre-owned vehicles sell for more! Your investment in paint protection can increase the residual value of your vehicle tomorrow.

Fabric Protection

Dirt, soil, food and drink spills can leave their marks on any vehicle. Soiled and stained carpet and upholstery can make your vehicle look old and neglected. Detailer's Fabric Protector offers complete carpet and upholstery protection. To keep your vehicle looking its best, have your dealer apply Detailer's Fabric Protector and receive the following benefits:

PROTECTION: Detailer's Fabric Protector seals individual fibers and prevents contact between stain-causing liquids and fibers. Because this coating works at the fiber level, it does not affect the color or texture of carpet and upholstery.

WARRANTY: The vehicles manufacturer's warranties offer no coverage against stain damage or stain removal. Green Chevrolet offers a five-year protection on new vehicles (three years on pre-owned vehicles) against stains.

VALUE:Investing in Detailer's Fabric Protection can help keep your vehicle new-looking and result in higher trade-in and resale value.

Leather & Vinyl Protection

Sunlight and heat can fade and harden your supple leather seats and shiny plastic surfaces. When leather and plastics harden, surfaces can crack and be damaged beyond repair. You can protect your leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber by having your dealer professionally apply Detailer's Leather & Vinyl Protector and receive the following benefits:

 PROTECTION:Detailer's Leather & Vinyl Protector seals leather and plastic surfaces against exposure to oxidation and fading. In addition to sealing, Detailer's Leather & Vinyl Protector imparts a rich, lustrous gloss on treated surfaces.

 WARRANTY: Green Chevrolet offers a five-year new vehicle less than 15,000 miles (three year pre-owned vehicles 2007-2012) warranty that assures you the treated surfaces will continue to look new for years to come.

 VALUE:Undamaged and clean interiors improve resale value.

Green Chevrolet Proudly also sells Detailer's Products in our Parts Department . From the tires to the Windshield and every area in between, Detailer's has the products to clean and preserve the beauty and luster of your vehicle for years to come. Please contact one of Green Chevrolet's Finance Managers to learn the complete details of our Protection Package.